Review: Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Lower Receiver (SCD Series Serial Number)

  • I received the PSA lower receiver I ordered last week, and this is one of the new "SCD" serial number lower receivers, reportedly manufactured by Palmetto State themselves. The price on the receiver was excellent ($49), so I figured I'd see what they looked like.

    The receiver was shipped within 48 hours of my order, and I received it 3 days later. The receiver looks good, with nice machining and an even anodized finish:


    The machining is smooth, with no visible tool marks:


    The magwell was not as flared as some other manufacturer's lower receivers, but the Magpul and surplus aluminum magazines I tested it with had no problem finding the magazine well and locking in:

    The receiver also has the additional hole near the pistol grip that I've seen on a couple of other AR15 receivers. This hole apparently accepts a nylon screw that helps reduce excess play between the upper and lower receivers, if present:


    I installed a PSA lower parts kit I had purchased a few months ago, and all parts went in smoothly. I tested the lower with a PSA upper and barrel assembly from another rifle, and there was no slop between the upper and lower receivers. The rifle functioned flawlessly, and for the price I'm very happy with the lower receiver. +1 for PSA.